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Stablecoins Are The ‘Disney Dollars’ of Crypto

Companies and exchanges are jumping on the stablecoin bandwagon — but just how promising is this concept and doesn’t it go completely against everything Bitcoin stands for?  Dollar-Pegged Money is Nothing New Disneyland’s first president, Jack Lindquist, introduced the in-house currency called Disney Dollars in 1987. These paper notes featured pictures of Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney characters. They were
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Report: North Korean Elite Behind Scams Targeting Crypto Investors

Members of the ruling elite in North Korea are suspected of launching two scams aimed at exploiting gullible crypto investors still attempting to get in early on a potential moon shoot. The totalitarian state is thought to be using such schemes to stay afloat in the face of international sanctions. Technical Sophistication of North Korean Elite Increasing In a revealing
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New Research: Large-Raise ICOs ‘Never’ Deliver Returns

If an ICO raised “large” amounts during its token sale, it means the returns to investors are “never high,” according to new research published October 25. Big Investment, Small Dividends The results of a survey by cryptoasset investment fund Primitive confirm that investors choosing to send money to ICOs should, in fact, look for those which plan to raise smaller
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Sony Reveals Contactless Crypto Wallet, Prepping for Crypto Ecosystem?

A research and development division at Sony has unveiled a new contactless cryptocurrency hardware wallet for cold storage, which could indicate the consumer electronics giant may be eyeing a bigger move into the cryptocurrency space. Sony Computer Science Lab Preparing Contactless Crypto Wallet The research and development arm of Japan-based Sony Corporation, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. have issued a
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Sweden to Bring Forward Launch of State-Backed Digital Currency e-Krona

The government of Sweden has called for plans to launch a digital version of their fiat currency, the krona, to be brought forward. As the country moves rapidly towards a cashless future, there are concerns that citizens will turn to means of payments provided by “private agents” without “state-guaranteed” digital cash. Swedes Quickly Dropping Paper Money Last year, a report
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Litecoin Core 0.17 Will ‘Beat Bitcoin Cash’ On Cost And Speed

Litecoin’s (LTC) forthcoming client release will make it “faster” and “cheaper” than Bitcoin Cash (BCH), according to one analyst as developers confirm transaction fees will reduce 90 percent. 10X Fee Decrease Puts LTC In Front Litecoin Core 0.17, which the Litecoin Foundation said was “upcoming” in a blog post on its now-suspended Medium account, will deliver a host of end-user
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Bitfury [Reportedly] Considering a $5 Billion Crypto IPO in Europe

Bitfury is reportedly in talks with global investment banks regarding its plans to launch Europe’s biggest crypto IPO till date, reported Bloomberg. The cryptocurrency mining startup plans to go public in either Amsterdam, London or Hong Kong, with a tentative valuation anywhere between $3 billion to $5 billion, depending on the market and industry conditions at the time of the
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Ripple Report Shows XRP Sales Doubled in Q3 2018

As the end of 2018 draws near a quarterly market report from Ripple shows that the company is on the right track. The Numbers Say it All A Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report from Ripple shows that the company more than doubled its sales of XRP from Q2 to Q3 of 2018. The report notes that Ripple sold $163.33 million
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UK Member of Parliament Joins Crypto Exchange as Adviser, Quits Four Days Later

One of the U.K.’s Conservative Party members has both joined and left an advisory role at a cryptocurrency exchange platform in the last week. Stephen Hammond, MP, stated that his position at the IronX digital asset trading venue might be seen as a conflict of interest. IronX Promotes Risks Hammond Has Previously Warned About According to a report in the
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Royal Mint Gold Idea Shelved Over Exchange Issues and Government Veto

The U.K.’s Royal Mint plans to create a digital token backed by physical gold has been shelved after U.S.-based derivatives exchange, the CME, dissolved a partnership between the two entities and the government stepped in to block proposed trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Meanwhile, other mints and startups around the world push on with their efforts to provide gold-backed digital