No, Windows 10 Home isn’t ‘good enough’ for the Surface Pro 6

Sometimes I despair for the PC industry.

Microsoft has, somehow, convinced people – even arguably sane industry pundits – that Windows 10 Home is “good enough” for its latest PCs, which is to say the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2. As best I can tell, you can’t even order a new Surface Pro 6 or Laptop 2 with Win10 Pro – you have to get Win10 Home, and then upgrade to Pro.

(If you already have a license for an earlier “Pro” version of Windows, you may be able to upgrade using that license. See Ed Bott’s primer on ZDNet.)

The fact that Surface Pro now ships with Windows Home hasn’t escaped the notice of many. But the “nothing to see here, carry on” response in blogland drives me up a wall.

Microsoft adds a few features to Win10 Pro, compared to Win10 Home – Join network domains, group policies, remote desktop, BitLocker – but all of those fade in comparison to the one feature that every Win10 user needs: The ability to block updates.

Microsoft’s official comparison list doesn’t mention the fact that Pro includes update- and upgrade-blocking settings (which are occasionally “accidentally” ignored). Home doesn’t have any.

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