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Fidelity Won’t Build Its Own Exchange, Focused on Bitcoin Custody, Exec Confirms

Tom Jessop, President of Fidelity Digital Asset Services says that the asset manager will take crypto to the next level by enhancing the sector and providing a secure Bitcoin custody solution so institutional investors can get a piece of the crypto pie. Bitcoin Custody Solution Will Remove Barrier In the most recent episode of her Unconfirmed podcast, Laura Shin interviewed
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Liberland President Plans To Use New ‘Merit’ Cryptocurrency Instead of Bitcoin

The President of Liberland, a small self-proclaimed microstate on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia, is looking to use a new cryptocurrency called ‘Merit’ to underpin his vision for a new country.   ‘A New Type of State’ Vit Jedlicka’s vision for a new crypto-based micro-nation has taken steady steps forward over the last few years. The so-called
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We Will Provide Missing Link for Institutional Investors, Says Fidelity Crypto Head

The president of Fidelity Digital Asset Services has spoken about the company’s plans in an interview, such as the decision not to launch an in-house exchange, how it intends to attract more institutional investors, and why it’s crypto offering is focused on custody and trade execution. Crypto Paired with More Traditional Financial Models In his interview with Laura Shin, yesterday,
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IBM Survey: No Major Central Bank Will Implement CBDCs in the Near-Term

A report on central bank digital currencies has found that 61% of institutions don’t think a blockchain is necessary due to low efficiency gains during trials. IBM Survey Finds That Central Banks Won’t Be Introducing CBDCs in Near-Term The report was conducted by IBM and the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF). The survey, finalized on 21 September 2018,
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Ethfinex Hopes to Break Stalemate by Offering In-Platform ICOs and Token Sales

Ethfinex plans to host token sales and ICOs within its platform. The company has developed what they believe to be a more equitable method for involving investors in ICOs. Will Decentralized ICOs Level the Playing Field? Ethfinex will soon offer users the opportunity to participate in token sales and ICOs provided directly through the exchange platform. Both Ethfinex and Bitfinex
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India’s Suprement Court Orders Government to Define Policy on Crypto Within Two Weeks

The Indian Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Government to share its view on cryptocurrency within two weeks. The court is addressing the multitude of petitions filed by digital currency operators against the central bank’s anti-crypto circular. India is Two Weeks Away from Ending Policy Confusion over Crypto As Supreme Court Demands Clarification The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) circular
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Visa CEO: We May Move To Adopt Crypto Assets

Amid Mastercard’s unexpected push for a patent outlining “fractional reserve” banking for crypto assets, the CEO of Visa has claimed that cryptocurrencies aren’t a pertinent threat to the stability of legacy financial systems. Al Kelly: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Aren’t Immediate Threats To Visa Months after claiming that the “sun has set” on Bitcoin and crypto assets, former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer,
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Ripple Report Shows XRP Sales Doubled in Q3 2018

As the end of 2018 draws near a quarterly market report from Ripple shows that the company is on the right track. The Numbers Say it All A Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report from Ripple shows that the company more than doubled its sales of XRP from Q2 to Q3 of 2018. The report notes that Ripple sold $163.33 million
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China Hasn’t Banned Bitcoin: Shenzhen Court Permits Crypto Transactions

When Bitcoin was debuted in October of 2008, the world’s first cryptocurrency was slow to garner traction. At the time, only the most eccentric internet users were willing to allocate capital, time, and brain power to bolster the development efforts of the Bitcoin Network, the first true blockchain/decentralized database. However, as time elapsed, the cryptocurrency found an ally in the
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Food Shipment Successfully Moved on Bitcoin Blockchain With Smart Contracts

Following in the footsteps of other global leaders in industries such as precious metals and food wholesale, trendsetters in the shipping and freight industry are now using the smart contract-enabled Bitcoin blockchain to securely and transparently conduct business and collaborate more efficiently with partners along the entire supply line. dexFreight Trials Smart Contract Platform on Bitcoin Blockchain Today, October 25,