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Looking into the future, we remember the past. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin, a trust-based economic tool that works in a peer-to-peer system. It was designed to bring power back into the hands of the user. After ten years, the situation is the following. 

95% of people buy bitcoins and altcoins for speculation only.
95% of transactions are made through exchanges.

The trading system is managed by exchanges, that have now become from intermediaries to “banks of digital money”.

80% of transactions through the exchanges are trading operations managed by computerized BOTs.

  • 90% of mining POW is centralized by large mining farms. 
  • Large wallets centralizing the wealth of a cryptocurrency and held by a few users.

  Lack of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. 

Insufficient and inadequate application of the cryptocurrency on a daily basis. This scenario is a weak, centralized,  capable of being formulated and highly controlled system. 

Liracoin was created with the objective of building the first ecosystem of peer-to-peer trading value that is decentralized in blockchains. People can get free access to the ecosystem as ordinary consumers, with the opportunity of accessing Liracoin community services and become their own bank.

Liracoin dedicates a system of effective interaction between users for the transfer of values, data, and connections between users around the world. The ecosystem that exists for the will of the participants, managed by the participants and with real capitalization.

Further introduction of the Liracoin, Bitcoins and other altcoin cryptocurrencies will be through the creation of an infrastructure managed by Liracoin participants around the world where an average user can access and benefit from horizontally decentralized and meritocratic infrastructure.

The goal is to accomplish a shift-economy where Liracoin forms the basis of the world economy, attracting new users thanks to the training made by the ambassadors about the cryptocurrencies.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but information and training systems, aggregation and communication processes between users are insufficient. If the goal is to transmit value, we need to teach its user to make the circulation of the cryptocurrencies easier.  What you do not know frights: clarity allows you to set goals and achieve them.

The goal is to guide people through training on the use of the cryptocurrency. When opening a basic account in a node or in one of the applications, the client should access to the following services.

Financial transactions 

  • Liracoin SX (Smart eXchange)
  • Wallet Multi Crypto
  • Transactions between cryptocurrencies
  • Local Lira
  • Social lending
  • Arbitration and Automated AI Prediction

    Commercial transactions

  • Liracoin SGP (Smart Global Payment)
  • Creation of a crypto e-commerce marketplace
  • Lirapay payment services
  • Mass dissemination tools for cryptocurrencies

    Data management and storage

  • Database decentralization within the nodes
  • Anonymous and peer-to-peer transfer of information

    Training on the node side

  • Training
  • Meetup
  • Blockchain event

    Decentralized services

  • Integration
  • Encrypted messages
  • Assets
  • Currencies
  • Crowdfunding
  • Escrow
  • Subscription
  • Voting

Liracoin is more than a cryptocurrency: it is an ecosystem of interaction between users so that value is traded by means of peer-to-peer.

Liracoin will show the largest value trading system PEER-TO-PEER and DECENTRALISED ever. Goal: 5 million users within 2022 and 30 million users within 2024.

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